How To Paddle Board With Your Dog In 9 Steps

Wanna try something new with your furry BFF this summer? Water sports are a great way to stay cool in the hot summer. Paddle boarding with your dog is not as hard as it may seem! Here’s how to paddle board with your dog in 9 steps.

Step #1

Let your dog get used to the board on land and the pump. Give them lots of treats!

Step #2

Practice getting on and off the board, moving the oar and laying down or sitting on the board.

Step #3

Burn your dog’s energy before going paddle boarding. This is going to make it easier for them to stay calm on the board.

Step #4

Before going near the water, put a good life jacket on your dog. A life vest with a handle is great to lift your dog if it gets in the water. Put your dog on a long leash to make sure it stays close to you.

dog life jacket


Step #5

Put your paddle board half in the water and half on land. Practice getting on and off the board.

Step #6

Start seated with your dog in front of you. You don’t want your dog moving around too much or it will make you lose your balance. Reward your dog for staying calm, sitting and laying down.

Step #7

Get on your knees. Practice turning and paddling so your dog gets used to the board moving.

Step #8

Stand up slowly by putting one foot at the time on the board.

Step #9

Have fun with your dog!

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