How I Fell in Love With French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs
Hi! My name is Gabrielle and I am a proud dog mom of 2 beautiful French Bulldogs Muffin and Teddy and the owner of My Best Frenchie. This is the story of how I fell in love with this amazing breed.
Meeting Freddy
I fell in love with French bulldogs for the first time in 2015. I started working at a doggy daycare named Watson's Hound Lounge in Kelowna, British Columbia. On my very first day of work, I noticed a dog that was very special. He kept looking at me with those big puppy eyes and he always wanted to cuddle with me. His name was Freddy and he was the kindest, funniest, sweetest, most affectionate dog I had ever seen. He was such a goofball, always ready to play. We were besties right away! 
french bulldog
Every night I put his cute coat on when his Mommy came to pick him up. She was super nice and funny just like him. I got to see how much she adored him. The other staff thought Freddy was a little mischievous, but he was my favorite. (Don't tell the other dogs!)
I showed a picture to my friend who told me he kind of looked like a Boston Terrier, but he was chubbier. I had to find out for sure. I went to look at his file on the doggy daycare computer and there it was: French Bulldog. I had never heard of that breed before! I knew right away I was gonna have one someday.
Unfortunately, just one month after meeting him, I had to move back home to be with my mother who was battling cancer. But I knew one day I would make my dream come true and have my own French Bulldog just like Freddy.
french bulldog puppy
Getting Muffin
That very special day finally came in 2018. I now had a house with a backyard and had saved enough money for my dream dog. It was time to make my dream come true. After researching for a good ethical breeder, I put a deposit on an adorable female fawn Frenchie puppy.
On a very cold January day, the wait was finally over and I went to pick up my first Frenchie Muffin. It was one of the best days of my life, truly a dream come true. I was nervous about getting my first puppy, but as soon as I held her in my arms, I knew she was going to be my best friend! She is my playful farting chubby girl and I love her dearly.
french bulldog puppy
Getting Teddy
2 years after getting Muffin, I wanted to get her a friend to play with and cuddle. I fell in love for the third time with Teddy. I was on a waiting list for 6 months with the same breeder before it was my turn to pick my puppy. By a twist of fate, Muffin's mother was having another litter. The breeder sent me videos of all the adorable 1 week old puppies. The last one was a video of the one that would steal my heart. As soon as I saw him, I screamed TEDDY!!! I knew he was my Teddy Bear.
I had to wait 2 long months before he was old enough to come home. I went to pick him up on a cold December night, the day before new year's eve. Best Christmas gift ever! He instantly bonded with Muffin and although he annoys her sometimes, they are best buddies! He is the cuddliest dog ever, just like a Teddy Bear and I love him so very much. Watch Teddy's first week home here!
French Bulldogs are so special to me. My Frenchies are my very best friends and I am so thankful to have them in my life. They bring so much love and happiness and I can’t imagine my life without them.
I decided to share my passion for Frenchies by starting a YouTube channel and an online store for Frenchies. Subscribe to our channel to follow Muffin and Teddy’s adventures!

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