10 Tips for Camping with your French Bulldog

camping with french bulldog
Have you tried camping with your Frenchie? Going camping with your dog can be a super fun summer activity. With a little bit of preparation, you can prevent disasters and have an amazing time outdoors with you BFF.

Tip#1 Do a practice campout in your backyard

Camping in your own backyard is going to help your dog get used to the tent as well as sleeping outside and you’ll get an idea of how they will behave before going to a campground.

Tip#2 Keep the bugs away

Bring insect repellent specifically made for dogs, such as Citrobug. I like to use insect repellent bandanas on my Frenchies Muffin and Teddy because they hate the spray! You need to also make sure their vaccines are up to date and bring a tick remover just in case.

Tip#3 Prepare for allergic reactions

Bring Benadryl in case your dog gets an allergic reaction to insect bites. French Bulldogs can be more sensitive to bug bites and can get really bad allergic reactions.

        french bulldog allergic reaction    french bulldog allergic reaction

My dog Muffin once had an allergic reaction to mosquito bites and I was so scared! The Benadryl dosage for dogs is 1 milligram per pound.

Tip#4 Keep your Frenchie cool

Make sure you have shade on your campsite by asking for a shaded area or bringing something to create shade, such as a tarp or a beach tent. Help them stay cool by bringing a dog cooling mat, cooling bandanas or a kiddie pool.

dog cooling bandana

Tip#5 Prepare for cold nights

Bring a warm dog hoodie, sweater or pajamas for your Frenchie. Make sure you have a warm doggie bed and plenty of blankets. 

Frog French Bulldog hoodie

Tip#6 Provide fresh water

Make sure to provide fresh water for your dog at all times. A collapsible dog bowl can be very practical.

Tip#7 Poop happens

Bring enough poopy bags and pick up after your dog.

Tip#8 Keep your dog on leash

Keep your Frenchie on leash to keep them safe from wildlife, lakes or rivers, other dogs and out of respect for the other campers.

Tip#9 Never leave your dog unattended

Do not leave your French Bulldog alone in the tent or at your campsite. Plan activities to do with your dog such as going to the beach, kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking.

Tip#10 Pack the essentials

Make sure to bring:

Bonus tip

Have fun camping with your Frenchie!

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Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, just a Frenchie mom. The information in this article is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.

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